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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Postal Regulations

Not all mail-pieces are created equal. Letters, postcards and “flats” can all qualify for different postage rates based on their specific sizes. When your letter (or postcard) is the right size and thickness, it goes through the sorters like a breeze. The bar codes are in the right place and the optical character reader scans the entire address block. The sheer volume of mail which the USPS handles, makes it very expensive for them to mail a piece which is ”non-machinable”, which is why it is best to let the experts at Pittsburgh Mailing determine the dimensions of your mail.

Our graphic design team can take your design (or idea) and turn it into a mail-piece that complies with the regulations and makes it through the post office quickly & without being damaged. This will earn you the maximum discount on your postage and ensure none of your mail gets torn up going through the sorters, earning you the highest possible return on your investment.


Need help laying out your postcard or menu design? Consult one of our templates to learn the best way to set up your mail piece. If you’re still having trouble, contact our graphic designer.

Case Studies

If your business is experiencing some technical difficulties in the mail room, consider contacting the experts at Pittsburgh Mailing. Read on for examples of mailing issues we have solved…

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